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Your Private Spaces

We create pay-per-use remote (work-) spaces for citizens who value flexibility, comfort and focus.


Host DESPACE in your venue.

DESPACE is a first-of-kind space solution for remote workers, and professionals. It will bring your target audience through the door, offering innovation the competition doesn’t have.


Start your new working life.

DESPACES are expertly engineered capsules of focus, quiet, and professionalism – placed around your neighbourhood so you can skip the commute.


Boost innovative company culture.

As your teams don’t all need to be in the office daily anymore – DESPACE provides space solutions that ensure remote staff feel connected to an innovative company culture.

Instant use

For “Instant Use”, you simply need to go to an available DESPACE, open WeChat and scan the QR code on the door.

You can also click the “Instant Use” button in the WeChat Mini-Program, scan the QR code on the door, and create an order.

Book spaces

Select “Book Spaces” in the WeChat Mini-Program to select the space and time you wish to reserve.

You are required to pay the fee in advance whenever you make a booking. You can cancel the reservation without charge and receive a full refund within 5 minutes after booking or more than 48 hours prior to the starting time.

End session

When ending a session, please take all your belongings and trash.

Exit DESPACE, please close the door properly and wait for 3 seconds to make sure the door is fully locked before proceeding.


More than just a great product

Our spaces are especially engineered for comfort and silence to enhance work and study, and facilitate phone, video calls, and private conversations. Our 1 and 2-person spaces feature sound insulation, chargers, and ventilation ensures fresh air.


Sound insulation


Community & Values

The DESPACE Community, which includes our users, hosting partners, corporate partners and internal and external teams share common values:

100+ Years of Craftsmanship

DESPACE has its roots in designing workspaces, and is now applying this knowledge, passion and craftsmanship to better equip those in pursuit of focus. DESPACE its founding shareholder is Royal Ahrend; a Dutch international leader in furniture and space solutions since 1896. Royal Ahrend is known for strong, circular designs and high-quality products and serves well-known, respected global companies including – among others – Nike, Amazon, Volkswagen, Lenovo and HSBC.

Remote work is here to stay

The way we work is evolving fast. But remote workspaces haven’t caught up yet, and they don’t allow us to get things done. We want to change that. We bring 100+ years of working environment design, together with cutting edge productivity & personal development technology, to build spaces where you can instantly focus, and make good ideas grow.

Contact us

Interested to collaborate or curious about our community, product, work mode or customisation options? Get in touch with us or visit our showroom.

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Xujiahui Road 358, Shanghai, P.R. China