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Control your own working environment

DESPACE has its roots in designing workspaces and is now applying this knowledge, passion and craftsmanship to better equip those in pursuit of focus. DESPACE is a company under the umbrella of Royal Ahrend; a Dutch international leader in furniture and space solutions since 1896. Royal Ahrend is known for strong circular designs and high-quality products and serves well-known, respected global companies including – among others – Nike, Amazon, Volkswagen, Lenovo and HSBC. The DESPACE Community shares these values:

Innovation matters

The way we work has changed. We’re leading the way in building science-backed, flexible, work spaces solutions, to the highest quality, so you can do the best work, on your own terms.

All about self-development

We’re focused on making every moment you spend inside a DESPACE count towards developing yourself further. We know that if we positively develop ourselves, we can also positively develop the environment around us. We carefully moderate desk-to-chair ratios, light, sound, and air quality, so you can perform your best, and smash your goals.

We are circular

DESPACE supports more sustainable lifestyles. From being crafted from carefully sourced recyclable materials, to being placed in your neighbourhoods, so you can walk or cycle to them – helping reduce your carbon footprint, and ours.

Design at heart

DESPACES are crafted by the experts at Royal Ahrend, who have been bringing innovative designs to the world for over 100 years; and so our spaces are not influenced by trends – but by tradition.


Host DESPACE in your venue.

DESPACE is a first-of-kind space solution for remote workers, and professionals. It will bring your target audience through the door, offering innovation the competition doesn’t have.


Start your new working life.

DESPACES are expertly engineered capsules of focus, quiet, and professionalism – placed around your neighbourhood so you can skip the commute.

Join as a corporate

Boost innovative company culture.

As your teams don’t all need to be in the office daily anymore – DESPACE provides space solutions that ensure remote staff feel connected to an innovative company culture.