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Become a host

Attract new customers and earn additional revenue by hosting DESPACE

DESPACE is a first-of-kind space solution for remote workers, and professionals. By being a host, you become a landing spot for the DESPACE community and its activities. Together with you, we bridge the “work-environment-need” and the unutilized spaces in the city, so we optimise productivity and efficiency for both sides.


DESPACE will bring your target audience through the door, offering innovation the competition doesn’t have; with a place to buy a coffee, and experience complete quiet & focus. The spaces are tailored by experts to seamlessly match your branding.

Commercial properties

You can now utilize unoccupied floorspace and serve your tenants and guests with instant workstations and meeting rooms where one can experience complete quiet, privacy and focus. Working with DESPACE means hosting the most premium space-in-space solution. You don’t want anything but the best, as you aim for quality the competition doesn’t have.

Monetize your floorspace

Receive a revenue share of DESPACE usage

Maximize the potential of your floorspace by offering a valuable new service to your customers. Hosting DESPACE brings direct monetary value.

Attract new customers through our community and in-app promotion

Through our WeChat Mini-Program, our community knows where to find you. This will result in a new customer flow which has exposure to your daily business.

Better serve your customers and/or tenants

Stay ahead of the competition by embracing new standards early. You can now offer a private desks and meeting room for guests, staff and tenants.


Interested to collaborate or curious about our community, product, work mode or customization options? Get in touch with us or visit our showroom.


Start your new working life.

DESPACES are expertly engineered capsules of focus, quiet, and professionalism – placed around your neighbourhood so you can skip the commute.


Boost innovative company culture.

As your teams don’t all need to be in the office daily anymore – DESPACE provides space solutions that ensure remote staff feel connected to an innovative company culture.